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RENAISSANCE FINE ART, a newly inaugurated contemporary gallery at 2075 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd in the Village of Harlem will open its second exhibition

Harlem is Music: A Visual Interpretation with a reception December 4, 2009 from 6 – 9 PM featuring four artists Eric Alugas, Calvin Coleman, Lawrence Finney and Luando Lozano.  The artists will visually explore four genres of music; gospel, blues, jazz and Latin-roots that are inextricably connected to the African American and Latino experience in Harlem.

This group show is inspired by “Harlem Is…Music”, an award-winning film and story board presentation on permanent display at the Dwyer Cultural Center also in Harlem.  The artists will display an eclectic array of drawings and paintings visualizing the abstract sounds and icons associated with the culturally connected Harlem musictradition.

Alugas is Jazz
Using the concrete elements of painting, Alugas’ work is also reflective of elements of folklore, philosophy and dreams.  The play between the canvas, paint, brushstrokes and other materials are viscerally evocative.

Coleman is Blues
Coleman uses assemblage to build his paintings.  He incorporates abstract expressionism and fauvism using multiple media, including canvas strips and textiles resulting in a melodic blend of vibrant  and visually captivating hues.

Finney is Gospel
Finney works with charcoal and oil on wood and paper.  His childhood memory of “church”  life is reflected in his emotionally charged drawings of folks spiritually engaged in the worship experience singing and praise dancing,

Lozano is Latin
Lozano is a printmaker and illustrator.  She uses a variety of printmaking techniques such as etching, woodcut, linoleum and collography to create works which often flow into a variety of irregular shapes and organic forms.  The symbols in her work are used to create an atmosphere that integrates spirituality and the human being.