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Renaissance Fine Art (“RFA”) is pleased to present its premiere exhibition, Dark Matters and Entropy, a series of small and large paintings on wood and paper, by the accomplished artist, Jack H. White. This exhibition runs from October 16 through November 14, 2009.

The sheer number of paintings — over twenty-five — makes this the largest series of new works displayed since 2002.  Dark Matters & Entropy will be considered one of the seminal works of White’s forty-year career. We are excited to have the opportunity to celebrate this accomplished painter, who trained as a sculptor and now works in the fresco medium. In his work, there are some bright and subdue points of colors that seeps through the depth of blackness, and the tones of oxidized iron makes this work majestically vibrant, says RFA owner Curtiss Jacobs.

Dark Matters and Entropy

This series came about due to my interest in physics and cosmology, indeed as did the two previous series,” Galactic Nascence ” and ” Galaxy Cluster “. The “Dark Matter Theory”, concerns the need for the universe to have more mass or matter than is visible in order for it to hold together. Something maintains stars in orbit and dictates the motions of galaxies and galaxy clusters. Cosmologists believe that something to be dark matter. What this matter consists of is not yet known. However, “DarkMatter”, matters, if indeed it places order on the universe.

“Entropy”, which means disorder, decay, dissipation, and the breaking down of patterns and structures in nature and the universe, must increase or remain the same. Rusting is associated with an increase in entropy. With these two concepts in mind and a desire to work with black pigments and oxidized iron, I produced these frescoes; restating my interest in the dualities which most often engender creation.